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Cortez Morgan Company, which has been increasing its global and sectoral capacity day by day with its activities in many countries, especially in Australia, for more than 90 years, was founded in 1921 by Cortez Collen, a member of the Collen family living in Queensland, Australia, in order to carry out mining operations on Mount Morgan which has the best natural mineral resources of the region and the country.

The company, which has been operating in the mining sector for years, established its first foundry in 1955 in order to meet its own requirements of the mining sector…


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Cortez Morgan Company, as it is understood from the purpose of its establishment and the name of the company, first started its activities in Mount Morgan in Australia. With over 90 years of mining experience, Cortez Morgan Company continues to operate in Canada, China and South Africa. 

It continues its development with more than 2000 employees in 4 countries, with 5 mining facilities and a R&D facility.


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Established to reduce the iron and clay costs in the mining sector, Cortez Morgan Steel achieved this goal in a short time and then turned the opportunities into an advantage and succeeded in entering the production and supply processes in the global market in the iron and steel industry.

It continues to grow day by day by increasing its relations with countries that dominate the iron and steel market, such as Austria, Sweden, Germany and Austria.

It continues its development with more than 3000 employees in 4 countries, with 4 production facilities and 6 warehouses in total.

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The Co-Mor-Machine company was established in order to reduce the costs of the machines and parts required for the first 2 companies of the Cortez Morgan Group company, to reduce the problems in the supply processes and to increase the efficiency.

Co-Mor-Machine company, which realized its purpose of establishment in a short time, increases the functionality and quality of the produced parts by following the rapidly developing technology, by constantly renewing its machinery and equipment in accordance with the manufacturing technology.

It continues its development with more than 1000 employees in 2 countries, with 2 production facilities and a R & D facility in total.

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Cortez Morgan Group company has taken an active role in the world economy and trade networks for many years in order to continue its activities more efficiently in the Mining, Iron-Steel and Machinery Industry globally.

Como-Trade company was established in 2012 in order to develop and maintain the knowledge and reliability gained in these processes in the global economy and money markets.

Como-Trade, the last company of the Cortez Morgan Group Company, is regulated by Australia (ASIC) and Canada (MSB), stands out with its awareness and reliability in global markets, and provides services with more than 200 employees and more than 100 thousand investors in 12 countries in total.

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