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Cortez Morgan Steel

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Cortez Morgan Steel, the second company of the Cortez Morgan Group company, produces plate, hot and cold rolled sheet and iron in international quality standards, and it provides basic input to sectors such as construction, defense, packaging, automotive, white goods, pipe profiles, rolling, general manufacturing, electrical-electronics, machinery, energy, heating equipment and shipbuilding.

It imports in order to meet its raw material needs and exports to many countries of the world with its increasing production capacity. Therefore, it contributes more and more to the global economy with each passing day.

It has adopted the mission of quality and trust in all its facilities. It is a permanent sustainable company with high economic returns and it is in mutual trust with the society, stakeholders and employees, respects values and the environment.

All of its facilities and projects have the best applicable technologies as they include all components of OHS, Environment, Community Relations, Quality and Integrated Management systems, as well as national and international standards

Cortez Morgan Steel, which continues its activities globally, is taking on over 3000 people in 4 countries with its 4 production facilities and 6 Warehouses in total.

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