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With the experience over 90 years, in the processes starting with the raw materials up to the product for the companies established under its structure due to the need for globally trading on mineral prices, Iron-Steel prices, machine pieces prices it started to serve in the financial sector as well in 2012 with the aim of increasing its dominance, awareness and reliability in the markets. 

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Co-Mor-Machine company, which has made serious investments in the Machinery Industry and continues these initiatives globally, has established a new facility in Como, Italy, and gained a significant place in the European market in addition to saving time in parts supply, purchasing processes and maintenance-repair processes.

Since the development of Cortez Morgan Steel company continues day by day, the number of machines, machine parts, and maintenance for the cutting, processing and firing processes of iron and clay produced were creating an increasing cost, in addition, since these machines originate in Italy, there were occasional problems in terms of supply and information. In order to solve all these problems and to continue the development of the group company, a large-scale production facility was established on the eastern street of the region and the foundations of the Co-Mor-Machine company were laid.

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For foundry needs and furnaces, cooperation has been established from many European countries, especially Italy. While providing raw materials and necessary equipment to other mining companies in the state of Queensland, it continued its development in iron and steel production. It continued to increase its global awareness by making purchases and sales with many countries, especially Austria, Germany and Sweden.

Cortez Morgan Company, which has increased both in terms of warehouse, employee and ore, has established its first foundry in the Burnett Highway area in order to profit from the costs of iron and clay, which are the most used raw materials in the mining industry, and to continue its development. Hereby, the first step of becoming a group company was taken.

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The Cortez Morgan Company family, which started to extract 11 types of orels, continued its development by establishing a new facility near 39 Central Street to store the materials used in the mining industry and to prepare for new ventures.

The Cortez Morgan Company, which is established in the Rockhampton region of Queensland, Australia, takes its name from Mount Morgan, which is famous for mining and provided the basis for the company’s growth.

Although the first years of the company passed with difficult working conditions, financial and moral difficulties, it managed to increase its product variety and tonnage by expanding its staff in a short time.

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