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Environment and OHS

Environment and OHS

Our primary working principle is to prevent pollution that occurs in the process of providing products and services, to create zero waste, to use natural resources, and to increase energy efficiency. 

In this context, another priority of ours is to comply with legal regulations, national and international standards and customer conditions, together with all our employees, under the leadership of our Board of Directors.

  • Under the leadership of our Board of Directors, all our employees are included in the Occupational Health and Safety processes, ensuring uncompromising compliance with legal regulations, national and international standards.
  • Considering that all accidents are preventable, investigations are carried out together with root cause analysis studies, and improvement activities are carried out to prevent recurrence.
  • In all of our processes, studies are carried out in line with the goal of zero work accidents by identifying risks and opportunities, providing a proactive approach with field feedback.
  • Occupational health and safety performance evaluation is carried out and continuous improvement is ensured.
  • Necessary training support is provided to ensure that our employees, our stakeholders and our guests are in a safe working environment.

Environmentally Responsible Production and Service

Production is carried out by keeping environmental awareness at the highest level in all our processes, and in some of our facilities, non-hazardous waste recycling and the use of environmentally friendly products with SPP (Solar Power Plant) are prioritized. During the Zero Waste Project process, regional support was given and the wastes from our facilities are evaluated by recycling/disposal companies.

Improving Environmental Performance

Under the leadership of our Board of Directors, the committed environmental targets are achieved by making the necessary investments and involving all employees in the process.


In order to ensure efficient use of natural resources, infrastructure revisions are made and the latest technological developments are followed. In order to maintain environmental performance, awareness training is provided to our employees, environmental exercises are conducted and remedial activities are carried out. Our risks and opportunities are identified and processes are managed in a way that supports sustainability.

Our Environmental Compliance with Our Customers and Stakeholders

Necessary information is shared for our customers and stakeholders to carry out their activities, taking into account our company's environmental policy and sensitivity.

It aims for a safe and healthy working environment with the highest level of OHS sensitivity in all its processes.