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Innovation and R&D

Innovation and R&D

Cortez Morgan | Innovation and R&D 1

Since the day it was established, Cortez Morgan Group Company, which searches for the technologies that make a difference in the sector with strong innovative aspects and focuses on producing non-produced value-added products, attaches a great importance to R & D projects and maintains them under its roof.

As a result of the Holding’s rapid growth with its global investments; An R&D Center was established in Queensland, Australia, in order to synthesize production technologies and to manage R&D activities from a single center with the knowledge gained.

It has undertaken a mission to transfer the R&D culture and power that has been gained in different product ranges from 4 continents with the investments made and the international partnerships established to our sector. Our R&D Center, which includes expert staff from different disciplines, develops collaborations with academic institutions in our region and our country, and contributes to the training of human resources that shape the sectors in which they are involved.

It plays an important role in the formation of the group’s strategic decisions, rapid development, directing investments, producing new value-added products, choosing technology, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, evaluating waste products and improving processes with innovative ideas.

Cortez Morgan | Innovation and R&D 2