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Cortez Morgan | Co-Mor Machine



Co-Mor-Machine started its activities in 1985 with the aim of producing the machines used and increasing the efficiency of the supply processes followed by Cortez Morgan Steel company.

While activating its purpose of establishment in a short time, it also accelerated its work in the field by meeting the mass and special production needs in the fields of automotive, energy, machinery and equipment. At the same time, it has accelerated its development by establishing the R & D team in line with the ideas and requests of its customers in order to eliminate the post-production problems and deficiencies.

Since the origin of most of the machine parts used by the company is Italy, many of our authorized engineers are from Italy and the necessary raw materials are supplied through Italy, by establishing production facilities in Como, Italy, in accordance with the vision of the Cortez Morgan Group Company, it has gained its recognition and trust in the global market in the machinery industry as well.

Our company, by following the rapidly developing technology, constantly renews its machinery and equipment in accordance with the manufacturing technology, increasing the functionality and quality of the manufactured parts.

The mission of our company, which produces domestically and internationally, can be summarized as providing certain customer satisfaction by offering world-class production and following a flexible customer satisfaction policy with a production structure that adapts to special requirements and is in constant renewal.

Co-Mor-Machine, which continues its activities globally, is taking on over 1000 people in 2 countries with its 2 production facilities and a R&D facility in total.

We have been serving the automotive, energy, health, machinery and equipment sectors with industrial, special and serial parts production with the experience, engineers and technical staff gained from past to present.

Cortez Morgan | Co-Mor Machine