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Cortez Morgan Company



Cortez Morgan Company is the first venture of the Cortez Morgan Group Company, which started operations in the Morgan Mount region of Australia in 1921, which has facilities, projects and research on precious and base metals..

Our strategy is to conduct advanced explorations in potential mine sites without compromising our quality, respecting nature, the environment and people; is to be among the important gold producers of the country with its sustainable mining projects in which economic and social development is integrated with environmental protection. In this sense, our company holds many mineral exploration licenses.

In all its enterprises and exploration sites, it aims for sustainable mining with high economic returns, with a transparent, open and honest management approach and communication that respects values and the environment, by ensuring the health and safety of its employees and being in mutual trust with the society, stakeholders and employees.

Cortez Morgan | Company 1
Cortez Morgan | Company 2

All of its mining operations and projects have the best applicable technologies as they include all components of OHS, Environment, Community Relations, Quality and Integrated Management systems, as well as national and international standards.

Before the mining activities start, in the light of the basic data and information obtained as a result of the studies carried out by the experts on air, water, soil quality, plant-animal species, cultural and social assets; it manages to preserve all environmental and social values in production and recycling processes.

Cortez Morgan Company, which continues its activities globally, is taking on over 2000 people in 4 countries with its 4 production facilities and a R&D facility in total.