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He was born in Brisbane, the capital of the Australian state of Queensland, in 1891 as the youngest of four children of the Collen family. 

Although the financial situation of the Collen family, whose main livelihood is merchants, is good, Cortez was introduced to working life at an early age. Even at that age, he attracted attention with his desire to learn, to absorb the subjects quickly and to work in a disciplined way. Despite the fact that he was asked to stay in working life, he focused on his education life with the compulsion of his eldest brother, who was working in the mining sector.

Cortez Morgan | Our Founder

He completed his education in a short time, although he had serious difficulties at first due to a forced education and his magical working life that was left unfinished. After receiving the news of the death of his eldest brother, who gave the biggest support to him and wanted to establish his own company, Cortez Collen started a serious preparation process to complete this unfinished story, and today he established a global company serving in different sectors in many countries of the world. He took the first step of Cortez Morgan Company, the first company of Cortez Morgan company, which has made a name for itself with its awareness and reliability.

In 1921, the Cortez Morgan company officially started its activities in order to provide mining services near the Morgan mountain, which has the best mineral resources in the region.

In these processes, he combined his family’s perspective on trading and business life with the knowledge he gained in the education processes, and he made the company talk about his name in a short time. 

Cortez, who was a little late to start a family after his busy business life, stressful times, and increasing responsibilities, completely devoted himself to the business life and to found Cortez Morgan Steel, the second company of Cortez Morgan, from where approximately 15 thousand people make a living today.

Cortez Collen, who devoted himself to his business, died in 1958 at the age of 67.

Every year, we commemorate CORTEZ COLLEN, the founder of the Cortez Morgan Group company, which is the livelihood of many families from many religions and races, which has 4 companies and has made a name for itself with its global awareness and reliability, and we pass on his contributions from generation to generation.